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Mo Lidsky was born in Kharkov, Ukraine, traveled as a refugee through Europe, and eventually immigrated to America in the early 1990s. 

Having lived in seven different countries and done business on five continents, Mo's entrepreneurial pursuits have taken him into industries as diverse as automobile restoration, e-commerce, traditional retail, online education, micro-finance, non-profit management, technology, asset management and investment consulting. 

Today, Mo is the Chief Executive Officer of Prime Quadrant, Chairman of CAF Canada and continues to sit on a number of both corporate and charitable boards.

He is also the author of Partners in Preservation: How to Know Your Advisor is Truly Protecting Your Wealth, co-author of The Philanthropic Mind: Surprising Discoveries From Canada's Top Philanthropists, and co-author of In Search of the Prime Quadrant: The Quest for Better Investment Decisions.

Mo is currently completing his fourth book, entitled, Selling Snake Oil: Investment Lessons from the World’s Most Greatest Frauds.  

Mo is an accomplished public speaker and educator on a range of topics relating to common mistakes and best practices in capital allocation.  

Mo currently resides with his wife and five children in Toronto.

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