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Partners In Preservation:

How to Know Your Advisor Is Truly Protecting Your Wealth

This book candidly and unabashedly tackles the myths and realities of investment advice. It highlights the challenges of getting worthwhile help. It outlines how investors can access truly worthwhile investment advice, what to avoid and what are reasonable (or unreasonable) expectations of their advisors. The purpose of this book is to empower investors and elevate industry standards, so that consumers can be better served, and well-intentioned advisors are better equipped to serve them.


The Philanthropic Mind:

Surprising Discoveries From Canada's Top Philanthropists

We’ve all seen the news item about someone who has made a very large donation to a hospital or university which has become almost commonplace. But what’s the real story? More importantly, how did the donor’s attitudes toward philanthropy lead him or her to choose one organization over another? What is the essence of the philanthropic mind? These questions echoed the research and are at the heart of this book. The authors sought out to find out more about philanthropists’ passions, motivations, defining experiences, likes, dislikes, joys, and challenges. Whether one is rich, poor, or anything in between, the stories and views of these givers have the potential to be intriguing and inspirational to anyone in any walk of life who simply seeks to somehow make a difference.


Prime Quadrant:

The Quest For Better Investment Decisions:

For many wealthy individuals, managing their wealth is more daunting than it was making it. Many find themselves challenged by the question, "who can I entrust with my wealth?" To which these authors respond, "No one other than you!" Investing is difficult, but individuals can make sophisticated choices and be excellent stewards of their wealth, if they have the right resources in reach. The authors set out to place these processes, tools, and resources in the hands of every high-net-worth individual, rookie and veteran investor alike. These insights are invaluable for anyone aspiring to make better investment decisions.

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